Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Q: What are ways in which preserving biodiversity locally might have a global effect?
A: The rainforest and the animals that live in it have been described as the lungs of the Earth. The rainforest is responsible for turning 20% of the Earth's carbon dioxide into oxygen. With the deforestation of the rainforest comes more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This could result in a much warmer climate because of the greenhouse effect.


Q: How do habitat destruction and loss of species affect more than just one area?
A: The Global Biodiversity Outlook and the world bank have done research and found that if 20% of the Amazon rainforest is deforested, it would cause a significant dieback of other forests around the world.

Q: How does preserving biodiversity enhance the life of people?
A: Having biologically diverse ecosystems enhance the lives of people because ecosystems with more diversity are healthier and healthier environments mean better resources.

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