Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gasses and Climate Change

1. Combustion Demo
Hypothesis: If the rubbing alcohol is ignited, then it will create a noise and black soot.
Observation: My hypothesis was correct. The rubbing alcohol ignited and created a large blue flame, along with a "wooshing" noise and shot the bottle 8 feet. After the bottle was looked at more closely there was condensation and black soot.

Today I learned that combustion can cause a warming affect on the Earth. This change in the Earth's climate can destroy natural habitats that once flourished.

2. CO2 Gas Demo
Hypothesis: If the gas is put near a flame, then it will ignite.
Observation: My hypothesis was incorrect. Gas put out out the flame because there was not enough oxygen for the flame to continue to burn.

3. Hydrogen Gas Demo
Hypothesis: If the liquid is combined with the metal, then it will turn into a gas.
Observation: My hypothesis was partly correct. There was a gas produced after the experiment that was flammable. When it was ignited it made a popcorn like noise. The metal was also dissolved.

4. Air Pressure Demo
Try #1
Hypothesis: If the can with steam in it is placed in the ice water, then the steam will turn back into water because of condensation.
Observation: My hypothesis was incorrect. Nothing happened.
Try #2
Hypothesis: If the can is paced in the ice water upside down, then bubbles will come out of the water.
Observation: My hypothesis was incorrect. The can crushed as soon as it touched the water.

Research: For the first time ever, scientists have noticed a change in air pressure caused by humans. The air is moving in different patterns which is causing less rain in certain areas an more in others. The circulation of different temperature is gradually warming the Earth, contributing to the global climate change.

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