Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Galápagos Islands Tortoise

The Galápagos Islands Tortoise is the largest tortoise in the world, reaching over 800 pounds and lengths of over six feet. They usually live to be around 150 years old. The oldest giant turtle, named Jonathan, lived to be 175 years old. These extraordinary animals can go a year without food or water and still maintain a weight of 550 pounds. The Galápagos Islands Tortoise can accomplish this by sleeping for around 16 hours a day. The ancestor of these animals was most likely a regular sized tortoise.
They could have become larger after their arrival due to the fact that there was no longer a need to hide from predators and that
there was no competition for food. As the tortoises spread to different islands, they turned into the different races that we have
today. Of all the amazing animals on The Galápagos Islands, The Galápagos Islands Tortoise is definitely one of them.

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